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USANA Pure Rest for a Good Night Sleep 0

USANA Pure Rest: For the Rest You Have Been Dreaming of

How is your sleeping habit? Do you find yourself hard to acquire a good rest after the stressful day at work or after a long day dealing with your hyperactive kids who won’t give you time to rest? I am a mother to two kids and I certainly know what it feels like without a good rest at night. To mention a few, sluggish, irritated, out of focus, and seems getting things done is hard to do. And...

Holidays 2016 0

Holidays Family Get Together

As what they say, “blood is thicker than water.” And the core meaning by this idiom is, regardless what misunderstanding occurred to any family, there is no way that they don’t get reconcile in the end. How wonderful to hear about it, isn’t it? Moreover, throughout the year, holidays are the precious moments where families usually try to bind together and spend quality times despite of miles apart. Back home, reminiscing the old days with my family, we typically do...

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New Lighting Fixtures for Outdoor Homes

New dwelling, now new lighting fixtures are needed, and that is how fast the old lights went by. Sometimes it makes me wonder if how often do we need to replace the lighting fixtures that we have affixed on our home. Because of this, I am in thorough research and found out that it varies substantially.  There are a lot of factors to consider; however, regardless of what are those, the reality is that I need to get...