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Oxe Tail soup 0

My Delicious Oxtail Soup

I cooked this oxtail soup last night for our dinner. Me and the kids enjoyed this flavorful oxtail soup. I added it with corn and bok choy as one of my favorite nutritious green leafy vegetable. It was so yum! yum! The kids then a loud B-U-R-P afterwards. lol! It is just so easy to make and I will surely make this again, especially in the winter cold time.

Birthday Cake 1

What a Beautiful Birthday Cake Set

My daughter who is good in spotting of beautiful colors found recently this colorful birthday cake surrounded with cupcakes at the Supermarket where we often have our groceries. Absolutely a pretty cake! My little daughter uttered that she wants like this on her upcoming birthday. lol! Few months it will be her day, and by now I need to start planning things then. With this I need to widen my baking knowledge to have a satisfactory result like...

Baked Pasta | The First Trial 0

Baked Pasta | The First Trial

I tried baking Pasta for the very first time and unfortunately it didn’t stick together as what hubby wanted. Actually I am not a huge fan of eating pasta. I cook only once in a blue moon if there is no really another option and if I am in a rush as well.  So this is it my very first attempt. It tasted delicious so far, however the problem is it didn’t stick like I’ve seen on TV....

Delicious Fruit Cake for the Eyes Only 0

Delicious Fruit Cake for the Eyes Only

Today I’d just like to impart to you this delicious fruit cake I saw at the store. I started venturing cakes lately but the art doesn’t reach yet to the level where I could say beautiful to my insight. Well, I am just an amateur so of course that’s where everything begins, right? Besides, practicing baking makes perfect. I have read also stories of known chefs that before they reach their optimum peak of success in a particular recipe,...

Have You Purchased Seafood Online? 0

Have You Purchased Seafood Online?

Hi folks! How was your Easter celebration? Did you went to egg hunting event and have caught lobster instead of eggs? I know it is a funny question. I just can’t get rid of my mind the seafood that I saw yesterday when I had my grocery shopping at the Asian store inside the Coquitlam Centre. I saw huge size of lobsters. I was amazed as I have never seen such size before. I wanted to take pictures but I’d...

Crepes with Buttercream Frosting and Cherry Filling 0

Crepes with Buttercream Frosting and Cherry Filling

I love making and manipulating crepes at home. I filled it with different types for dessert and meal. My housemates loved them all so far especially the mango crepes. I wish we could find sweet mango here in Canada like we have there in the Philippines as it’s really mouth-watering being inside the crepes blend with other main ingredients.  Anyway, these crepes in the image that I saw in the store was filled with buttercream icing and cherry,...

Soon to Venture Lobster Recipe 0

Soon to Venture Lobster Recipe

I love eating lobster and does hubby. I remember the time I first tasted lobster’s sumptuous recipe at Victoria two years ago in one of their restaurants. By staring at the serving plate I whispered to the air, can I have some more? It was certainly mouth-watering! I looked the recipe online but unluckily I couldn’t find it. Someday, someday, if the lucky weather would take us to Victoria, BC I really want to go back in that restaurant we’ve been to...

Cinnamon Buns Icing 0

Cinnamon Buns Icing

Days ago I feel like eating cinnamon bun from our favorite store Cobs, but due to laziness mood to go out I decided to bake the can of ready-to cook dough which I stocked in the fridge.  I did not tried yet venturing the how to make cinnamon bun recipe but soon I gonna dig it so I could make my own and no need to buy. Anyway these 6 pieces of buns are the result of a can of...