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Special Macaroni Salad 0

Special Macaroni Salad

My mom created a special macaroni salad yesterday. We put it in a chiller for a while then after few hours we let our taste buds enjoy the sweetness like heaven. Thanks to my mama for preparing it. The dessert is so special because my mama was the one who created it for us. Of course my baby girl as a dessert lover also had fun licking her fingers. Sorry guys there’s no photo for this time I...

Yummy Lickin Ice Cream! 0

Yummy Lickin Ice Cream!

Ice cream? Why not taste this licking yummy ice cream from Nestle product? It’s my first time purchase with this flavor Drumstick and I’d say it’s so yummy! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Today’s Specialty: Ground Beef With Vegetable Cubes 1

Today’s Specialty: Ground Beef With Vegetable Cubes

This morning I was in the mood of cooking. Actually I don’t know what to cook but my hands were itchy to chop something in the kitchen. At first I want to make Lumpia or shanghai roll in English. Shanghai Roll is my favorite recipe to make. Sorry to tell you guys that I’m not a good cook. Actually I seldom cook at home, I let the housekeeper cook for us. So enough for that blah blah blah....

No Foodies Yet! 0

No Foodies Yet!

No foodies yet! lol! No foodies means no foodies in the pictures yet. I’ve been so busy lately to take pictures every food I ate. lol! So no time to take pictures except having the time to eat and enjoy the foodies on the plate I got. Hopefully soon I could share another shots of food to make everybody drool like crazy. As of now, please just enjoy the rest of the photos in my previous post. lol!

Hawaiin Pizza 4

Hawaiian Pizza

Do you like eating pizza? The one in the image is a Hawaiian Pizza from Shakeys. I love Pizza and I can’t evade not to drop by at Shakeys to buy. Next time I’ll get another sets of topping. I want to make pizza at home but don’t know how. Besides we don’t have an oven at home. Once we could get one, surely I’ll be utilizing it to the maximum level. I will Google the Pizza recipe...

Good Appetizer 1

Good Appetizer

Oh, what a good food placed on the plate! The one in the left side color orange and some white is salted egg. Beside of it in color orange are tiny shrimps, it’s also salted and good for the mouth ever. In the right side that taste so sour is mango. While I was looking at this plate and taking picture my mouth is watering and soon for sure will drool. I can’t wait for another few seconds...

Six Different Flavors of Brownies 1

Six Different Flavors of Brownies

Look at these six different varieties of brownies I got. Aren’t they tempting? Honestly, I’m not a very big fan of eating brownies, but when I went to the SM Cebu mall, I saw people busy falling in line just to eat brownies so I also joined with the crowd. Hehehe… How about you, are you a fan of munching brownies guys? The brownies overpowering sweetness is what actually pulling me away from eating this kind, but only this time...

This is What All About 0

This is What All About

I decided to make this blog for all the foodies I have tasted, craved, cooked and just met while walking around looking and exploring the different taste of life. I love to share all those here with my passion and blogging obsession. I hope you will always be with me while I’m having this another journey of sharing online.